Thank you. Goodbye. Welcome.

Dear friend, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog since the first entry on November 12, 2011. And also to say goodbye to you here on Life and Luz, and welcome to

I finally found the courage to leap from the free WordPress version to a professional, self-hosted platform.

What Courage?

Is this really about courage? Or just the cash you had to pay?”

Okay, right. I took a long time to justify the cash I would spend on the domain name and hosting. But I tell you, I was scared of having a blog (or personal website) with my name attached.

I felt I didn’t qualify to have a website in my name: I’m no celebrity nor thought leader. And even if I were, or suddenly became one overnight, I didn’t think it ethical, by my own weird ideal, to have a website or platform with my name.

But perspectives change… even if slowly. One day, I thought: why not have an online space for all your work and writing. It will be great to have everything in one place. (like felt good, short, sharp but was already taken. So it’s then.

The Journey

This has been a journey of self-discovery and continuous learning. From my first experiments with writing on the Internet and on WordPress, I found myself become an accidental web designer and content developer

  • designing and managing multiple websites from blogs to job portals and corporate websites, and
  • making websites show up among the first and fifth results when people search online aka Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Next Chapter

On, you will find all current posts and new ones as I plan to write more regularly. Hope we can continue to learn on this journey together.

My new website will be an online platform and library of thoughts, experiments, as well as a writing and art portfolio; furthermore, it will be a catalogue of history and life for my son to read and understand more about his father as he grows.

Once again, I thank you for your attention and companionship here on this blog. I do not take these for granted. See you on