What is more beautiful than a room filled with books? There are probably very many things like love, like catching a baby staring or smiling at you. But I love books, and that joy is complete when I find myself in a room filled with them, a garden of lights and heady smells, of sparkling blue-white-yellow-green-lilac-brown-and-newsprint.

I dream to build a library, a shelter for the weary soul, a foundry of light for those who know. A place to relax, to recharge, to retreat, to revive the colours of life when it all becomes drab. E-books and your digital xpad are great, but a book should take you to places. Literally. A library fulfills the social setting required for a rich experience, even if you only do so much as smile and nod at the people some of the time. Of course, everyone and anyone will be welcome. Children–and those who love them–can come in for an excursion to the sweeping ranges of the Misty Mountains, or brave the onslaught of the White Walkers, or zoom off on a mission to Mars, or just sit with headsets and have fun listening to ancient folklore read by uncle Jimi Solanke. Be it at the reading table or on a bean bag, the five-year old and the grey-haired grandpa.

I want to build the library at Ogba, where I live. Does anyone know a location one could check out? Let’s talk if you want to share your ideas.

P.S. Do you see the Nigerians in the featured image?